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The "responsible divorce" pledge

In the box below, there is the pledge we suggest you make as you go through your separation and divorce.

It is written as “we” because, ideally, both you and your ex would agree to it.

If your ex doesn’t, you can still see this pledge as a reminder to do what you can to avoid contributing to the spiral of ever-growing strife that characterizes the adversarial divorce.

We know that the kind of divorce where parents fight it out to "win the divorce" has bitter, destructive results. Children are deeply affected.

We acknowledge that, even as we break up, we still have a very important common goal: taking good care of the children.

We view our divorce as a transition: from being part of a couple, to leading separate lives. We pledge to make this transition in a humane and responsible way, so that separating does not jeopardize our common goal.

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