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The following provides a sample of objections and problems that visitors to this site have mentioned about "responsible divorce". Each entry in this page is a relatively short extract of the information that was sent to us. Below each entry, there is a link to the full text that was sent to us, including a description of the situation of the person who wrote that entry.

Obviously, we have also received favorable definitions about "responsible divorce".

A responsible divorce to me is an oxymoron. I suppose it means a divorce with the least amount of pain and suffering, especially if there are children involved. The problem with this is if the parties are that willing to compromise and talk and work with each other to create a responsible divorce, why can't they use those same skills to create a responsible marriage?? If one spouse is unfaithful, an alcoholic, an abuser, or misrepresents themselves then how does one create a "responsible divorce" with that person?


My experience has been nothing short of a total nightmare. I have tried to be socially responsible... Unfortunately for six years my ex-wife has continued a campaign of lies and propaganda against me.

James Y.

There is no such thing! That is the problem, everyone just goes along with this morality!!!

Drew M. (no further details provided)

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