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You may have given a lot of thought to how you select your family doctor, your auto mechanic, your accountant or your dry cleaner... But, when it comes to hiring a lawyer, you probably don't have much experience; and you find yourself having to make this decision in an atmosphere of crisis.

There are many ways to practice divorce law.

The American Bar Association defines the choices open to divorcing people as follows:

All divorces involve decisions and choices. Which professionals will assist you, and how you will utilize their help, are decisions that can powerfully affect whether your divorce moves forward smoothly or not.

Some couples resolve all their divorce issues without any professional assistance at all, and process their own divorce papers themselves through the courts.

At the other end of the spectrum, some couples engage in drawn-out courtroom battles that cost dearly in emotional and financial resources and can take considerable time to complete. Most people find their needs fall between these extremes.

This section provides a discussion of the various options available to you to deal with the legal process:

- conventional divorce

- divorce mediation

- collaborative law

It features articles on:

- Collaborative Law and Arbitration by Pamela H. Simon

- Finding--and dealing with-- a lawyer by Maury D. Beaulier, J.D.

- Lawyer interview

- How To Reduce Your Legal Fees by Maury D. Beaulier, J.D.

- Ten Common Mistakes and Oversights in Divorce Agreements (Related to the Children) by Anju D. Jessani, Mediator

- Child Support and the Limitations on Private Agreements by Tom James, JD

- Assets: The Marital Home and Equitable Distribution by Kevin M. Kilcommons, Esq.

- Starter Marriages - Top Ten Differences in Divorce Mediation byy Anju D. Jessani, MBA, APM

There are also articles on:

- child support

- child custody

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